My name is Agnieszka. I was born and grew up in a small village in Roztocze region, in

Poland. Since I was a little girl, my father has had a carpentry workshop. It was one of my

favourite places, where I could spend hours playing with raw wood and wooden objects.

As years went by, I was discovering my passion for carpentry and wooden furniture. I

started creating my own designs which my father quickly turned into real pieces.

My father would also take me to different places to explore and find timber for furniture.

One day, he took me for a trip to see an extraction of Bog Oak. I was enchanted by its

mysteriousness, and instantly fell in love with it.

Life, however, has its twists and turns, and at some point in my life I made a decision to

move to the UK. The change of the environment made me leave my passion for some time.

Yet, after a few years, I decided to come back to what I love and do best. Now, I want to

share my passion with others by working with the best manufacturers and craftsmen of

products made mainly of Bog Oak.

My mission is to share the absolute beauty and uniqueness of Bog Oak with people who will

love and appreciate it as much as I do.