Pendant Amber & Bog Oak WKM132

  • Materials:
  • Baltic Amber (40 milions years old)
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold (23 carat)
  • Bog Oak (1400 years old)


  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Gift package
  • Free delivery within 2-5 weeks


Pendant Amber & Bog Oak WKM132



Bog Oak and Amber Collection

Bog Oak and amber jewellery is a part of extraordinary history enclosed in a wearable piece of art. All products are handcrafted with certified Baltic Amber and 1400-year-old Bog Oak extracted from the underground of the remains of an old village in Gdańsk, Poland. It’s a unique combination making each piece of jewellery special and a privilege to wear.

Actual products may vary from images shown due to wood grain patterns.


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